We thought you’d like to know a little more about what it’s like to be a patient of Neumann & Bohrer Family Dentistry. That’s why we’ve asked our current and past clients for their feedback!

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Ann P.
“Dr. Neumann's staff always takes me on time for my appointments. The crown replacement was completely pain-free, both during and after the procedure. I appreciate the personal touch I always experience at this office!”
Sam A.
“I cannot express my gratitude to Dr. Neumann and his staff enough for saving the day after the last dentist I saw wouldn't stand by his work. I initially came to Dr. Neumann with a great deal of pain and sensitivity, due to a large gap in the crown a neighboring dentist had installed. The first dentist claimed that such a gap was normal and that I just needed to switch toothpaste to stop the sensitivity. However, as time passed, the sensitivity worsened to the point of pain when eating or drinking. When I called Dr. Neumann's office, they were able to schedule me for the same day! After gently examining the offending tooth, Dr. Neumann explained the issues with gapping crowns, the potential threat they can cause to the patient, and provided visuals of the gap for confirmation. Throughout the next two procedures, his entire staff treated me with extreme kindness and care. Dr. Neumann stopped several times to make sure I was not in any pain and to check on me. His skill, reassurance, and care were night and day difference from what I had experienced prior. I am so grateful to the Dr. Neumann and his staff for going above and beyond to fix my faulty crown. Thanks Neumann Family Dentistry!”
Martha G.
“Having recently moved to the area, I had not been previously seen at the practice when I broke a tooth on Labor Day. I called the next day and got an appointment that day. The staff were professionally friendly and very courteous, not just with me, but also with each other. They were thorough in checking my medical history for factors that might affect my dental care. They had the technology to complete a crown that same day. Pricing was within norms. It was a pleasant, satisfactory visit. I have found my new dental practice and would not hesitate to recommend them.”
Megan G.
“Dr. Neumann was able to see me last minute. I had awoken to the most horrific headache and knew it was time to get my wisdom teeth out. The office front desk was able to fit me in for a morning appointment. Showed up a few hours later and did not have to wait but a few minutes. In-house panoramic X-ray capabilities were very cool. Dr. Neumann explained to me what I needed done and my options. We decided on a plan and the wheels were set in motion. From procedure start time to finish was maybe 40 minutes for two impacted wisdom teeth. I was given supplies and comprehensive post surgical instructions. All in all a wonderful dental experience, however on the pricier side. It cost as much as it would in a major city, I'm thinking NYC.”
Mat S.
“I had a great experience with Doctor Neumann this morning. I'm in town for business and needed an emergency root canal. They were able to fit me in early in the morning and the entire procedure went great. No pain, quick in-and-out, couldn't be happier. Everyone was very professional, staff was awesome and they have all the latest equipment like 3D imagers and CNC crown makers.”
Adrienne B.
“I have been coming to see Dr. Neumann for over two years now. I’m generally not a fan of coming to the dentist, but Dr. Neumann and his team make the experience a good one. I had to have several ill-fitting crowns from a previous dentist replaced, and was quite nervous about it. Dr. Neumann explained the whole process, addressed the concerns I had before the process began. He also made sure I was comfortable during the appointment. The lab he used was wonderful, and my new crowns feel great. Dr. Neumann’s office has always run on time, and yet I have never felt rushed. I appreciate his experience, his efficiency, and his sense of humor!”
William S.
“I have been going to Dr. Neumann for my dental needs for around 20 years. He and his staff are extremely professional and sincerely concerned about your oral health, dental needs, and experience. Dr. Neumann consults with his patients regarding dental issues and outcomes and has been available regarding any emergency dental needs I have had. I know that I am getting the best care for continued dental health! Thank you, Dr. Neumann.”
Angela N.
“This office is just my favorite medical office. I always leave this office with a smile….such a sincere caring group of people. I am so grateful to Dr. Neumann for helping me out in an emergency, coming into his office while it was closed in the evening. He spent an incredible amount of time with me, mending my tooth so I would be comfortable so I could have a complete set of teeth. I appreciate his high skill level so much!”