Flexible Payment Options

Dental patients often come into the office with a great deal of trepidation. Not only are they afraid of having dental work done, they’re also worried they won’t be able to afford the treatments they really need. With Neumann & Bohrer Family Dentistry, there’s no reason at all to worry. Not only do we accept many different types of payments, we accept and file with several insurance companies. We do what we can to make everything about your visit easy - we love to see you smile.

How Much Will It Cost?

It’s a good question and one any savvy shopper will ask before getting too deep into dental care. Treatments can stretch over many visits, which may create a lot of nerves over potential sticker shock. We won’t ever surprise you with bills you didn’t expect. You’ll be given fee estimates, including what your insurance is likely to pay, long before we dive into any procedures.

After all, we want you to have the right dental care, not just dental care that is right for our billing office. That’s why we work so hard to ensure you understand your options, no matter what your budget may be. Our job at Neumann & Bohrer Family Dentistry is to keep your mouth in great health, not to give you more reasons to stay home.

Your Payment Options

In order to serve you best, we accept many different types of payments, including:

  • Cash or personal check
  • Debit or credit cards
  • CareCredit (™)

For multiple-session treatments, we’ll happily give you a great discount if you choose to pay for the whole process upfront. That way you never have to think about opening your wallet again, and we only have to talk to you about money one time. Everybody wins!

We’ll also file your insurance for you, including policies with:

  • Delta Dental of Virginia Premier
  • Guardian Dental Preferred

We’re currently in-network for the companies listed above, but that’s always subject to change. We’re also happy to file any out-of-network claims on your behalf. No matter who has you covered, we have your back.