Sometimes, starting over can be a freeing feeling. The same can be said for your teeth if you’ve been plagued with mouth problems for a long time. That’s why so many people choose dentures over trying to save their natural teeth over the longer term.

Neumann & Bohrer Family Dentistry offers both full dentures (if you’d like to replace all your teeth) or partials to replace just some teeth without undergoing surgery for more permanent placements like dental implants.

Lots of Denture Options

We offer a full range of dentures to suit almost any situation and will help you figure out what’s going to be your best bet at your appointment. After a thorough examination of your remaining teeth, you’ll have a better understanding of what options will give you the best results long term. We may discuss these types of dentures:


With complete dentures, any remaining teeth are removed and custom prosthetics are designed to fit your mouth. This is typically an option only if all your teeth are unhealthy.


If you have some healthy teeth and some that aren’t so much, partials can be a great solution. You keep some of your natural teeth and have some placed on a prosthetic, which are then anchored to your healthy teeth.


If you don’t need complete dentures because your bottom teeth are mostly healthy, an upper may be a great solution. It’s like a complete denture, but only for the top set of teeth, making it easier to adjust to for many patients.


Immediate dentures are designed and placed at the same time your teeth are removed so you won’t have to go without teeth for any amount of time. Although they give you instant results, they can require many adjustments to get the proper fit as your gums heal. They would also need relining or refitting after a few months for a more comfortable fit because the gum heals and shrinks.


Like with partials, overdentures are stabilized using your healthy teeth, but instead of using those teeth as anchors, the dentures are fit over the existing teeth. They may require additional work and, therefore, cost a bit more, but they often work and fit better in the long run.