Preventative Care

Everyone deserves better oral health. That's where preventative dental care comes in! Not only does it mean a healthier mouth, but you'll also see the dentist less often for major problems.

Whether you're well into adulthood or you're ready to bring your child in for their first visit, preventative care means success for your oral health.

Routine Exams Help Catch Problems Early

Going to the dentist may not be your favorite activity, but regular dental appointments can detect issues when they first appear and make treatments easy.  After all, a [routine exam] is a lot more pleasant than a root canal!

Many people wonder just what kinds of preventative care we provide at Neumann Family Dentistry.  We serve a wide range of customers just like you!

[1-Year-Old Dental Screenings]

Parents make a lot of hard decisions every day, from how to feed their children to when to schedule their first dental exam.  Dr. Neumann sees patients as young as 1-year-old. After all, if you have even one tooth, it can stand a dental health check!  Baby teeth can get cavities and baby mouths can have other oral problems, making 1-year-old dental screenings vital tools for your baby and your peace of mind. It will also help children get used to being at the dentist, making the experience less scary during future visits.

[Oral Cancer Screenings]

Cancer can have a major impact on your body, especially if it goes undetected for too long. Whether you have a family history of oral cancer or just want a check-up for extra security about your health, we have the tools to detect any signs of cancer. Getting treatment right away gives you the best chance of restoring your mouth to great condition.