General Orthodontics

When your teeth are misaligned, all sorts of things can start to go wrong in your mouth. Malocclusions, the technical term for bad bites, can wreak havoc with the joint where your jaw comes together, causing chronic pain conditions or even contributing to issues like sleep apnea. Whether you were simply born with genetics that gave you a less than ideal bite or you had an accident that caused your teeth to shift, general orthodontics can help your mouth feel less crowded and give you stellar results.

Are Braces My Only Option?

For the longest time, traditional metal braces were the go-to for orthodontics because they were reasonably easy to manipulate and gave excellent results. Unfortunately, they were also fairly conspicuous and, frankly, painful for a lot of patients. There aren’t enough colored rubber bands in the world to compensate for the rough texture of a little bit of sharp metal in your mouth that no one noticed until it was too late.

Today’s modern orthodontics offer a variety of options, from an updated version of those old-style braces that still use a wire, but utilize different materials to reduce the shine of your smile, to Invisalign(™) trays that work to nudge teeth into place over time.

Because Dr. Neumann is also a general dentist, he can suggest other treatments that may give you the same end result as braces without the time investment. He’ll also tell you if your teeth simply don't need braces at all.

Who Gets Orthodontics?

Neumann Family Dentistry offers several different orthodontics treatments for various age groups. We can start treatment on children as young as 7, provided they have their permanent teeth. The earlier many malocclusions are treated, the quicker they can resolve, but there’s no upper age limit on braces or Invisalign(™).

For adults, we also offer the Six-Month Smiles® system, designed to straighten teeth in as little as six months. It’s a great alternative for patients who aren’t seeing the results they’d like from Invisalign(™) or who aren’t candidates for that treatment.