Pinhole(™) Gum Treatment

Dental issues don’t always look like cavities and missing teeth. Sometimes they’re far more insidious, even downright sneaky. A receding gumline, for example, is a problem you might not even notice until you start to get infections or decay below the level where those protective tissues used to be. When roots are exposed, it's time to see a dentist about restorative gum treatments.

Traditional Gum Restoration

In early stages of periodontal disease, gum recession may be extremely minor and able to be slowed with proper cleaning techniques, but as it progresses, you’ll find yourself faced with gum restoration surgery. Traditional methods require stitches and grafting techniques to essentially attach additional tissue to your gumline.

It’s not an easy procedure for a lot of patients and is pretty messy for the dentist doing it, too. However, people still choose traditional gum surgery because they know they have to do something to protect their mouth from further damage. Those who find the traditional method unsettling simply ignore their problem until they develop jaw or tooth infections that are difficult to treat.

Pinhole(™) Gum Treatment

Properly known as Chao Pinhole(™) surgery, Pinhole(™) gum treatment doesn’t require any cutting or stitches, making it a low-stress, pain-free option for patients with receding gums. Instead of removing tissue from elsewhere in your mouth to graft into your gums, Pinhole(™) gum treatment is used to reposition the gum tissue you have and encourage it to regrow on its own.

With a hole smaller than the size of a pin (hence the name!), a dentist skilled in this modern dentistry technique can ease your own gums back into position to cover exposed enamel. The tissue is then held in its new position with collagen strips that dissolve as your gums reattach to the appropriate points in your mouth.

In a few weeks, the gum tissue is restored permanently, with a minimal amount of trauma. Pinhole(™) gum treatment is a great experience for anyone who needs gum restoration, since it’s so easy and painless.