General and Family Dentistry

Before there were specialists in the dental field, there were general dentists who did a little bit of this and a little bit of that. Most dentists still practice some amount of general and family dentistry, which includes pretty much all the procedures you’re familiar with, like dental cleanings and filling cavities.

Anyone old enough to have teeth can benefit from general and family dentistry, even your infant or toddler! After all, they can get cavities and develop other oral problems, too.

Basic Dental Services

As you might imagine, basic dental services are the most common need for Neumann Family Dentistry patients. The number of cracked or chipped teeth, cavities and cleanings we’ve handled over the years would shock you. That’s why we’re so good at what we do here - it’s all that practice.

A few of the basic dental services we offer include tooth extractions, for those broken or deteriorating teeth that are well beyond fixing, and fillings for the teeth that still have a lot of miles left to go.

Other Therapies We Offer

Gum disease can be a serious condition, but it’s also a very common one. You’re not the only person who will come into our office needing periodontal therapy or more advanced Pinhole(™) gum treatment.

Periodontal therapy for inflamed gums may include basic cleanings or a more advanced type of cleaning called scaling. Both remove tartar from the teeth and gums, leaving your teeth clean and moving you toward a healthier mouth with less inflammation.

Pinhole(™) gum treatment is a much more specialized kind of procedure that allows Dr. Neumann to reposition your gums using a low-stress, less traumatic procedure. Unlike traditional gum surgery, you’ll get positive results without grafting or painful stitches. A few collagen strips hold your gums in place until they reattach to their proper location on your teeth. It really couldn’t be easier for the patient.