Have you always wanted a Hollywood white smile? They’re not just for the fabulous and famous, you know. Neumann & Bohrer Family Dentistry patients have been taking advantage of both in-office and take-home whitening treatments for years, with dazzling results.

What Causes Faded Smiles?

Staining and tooth discoloration are pretty normal as humans age. This is due to the influence of our environments and habits, such as tobacco use or decades of coffee drinking. Dark foods definitely leave their mark, and some much more obviously than others. Certain medications can also result in tooth staining, but the good news is that there’s a way to reverse the darkening that time brings to your mouth.

Tooth whitening can produce dramatic results in as little as a two hours in-office or about two weeks at home. Both are excellent, safe options for people who are ready to regain a show-stopping smile.

Pre-Whitening Preparation

Whether you're whitening in-office or using a take-home kit, it’s important that your teeth are cleaned thoroughly before you start a whitening treatment. The cleaning itself ensures there’s nothing between the surfaces of your teeth and the peroxide treatments that are used to lift deep stains; the examination that accompanies it helps us prepare your mouth, should additional dental work be needed.

During the examination, we’ll help you decide what kind of treatment will be the most effective to meet your goals, as well as give you a feel for what your results should look like, since they can vary between patients. If you have artificial teeth or any sort of artificial surfaces, such as veneers, understand that whitening treatments won’t change the colors of these materials.

Whitening Treatments by Neumann & Bohrer Family Dentistry

The whitening treatments we utilize are approved by the American Dental Association, and numerous clinical trials and studies have found these methods to be safe for your teeth. Many over-the-counter products may boast fast results but can cause long-term damage and, ultimately, make it harder to get good whitening results over time.

Often, our in-office techniques can be completed in about an half an hour, though even the toughest challenges are usually whitened in under two. Using patented techniques and custom trays to ensure the whitening gel is pressed tightly into your teeth but doesn’t irritate your gums, we deliver several shades of lightening that can last a long time for most patients, depending on your eating habits.

If you really can’t stay around, we do offer take-home whitening kits that are similar to what we use in the office at Neumann & Bohrer Family Dentistry. You’ll have to use the kit religiously for a couple of weeks to achieve the same results, but we realize there can be plenty of reasons it may be worth the wait for you.