Gum Recontouring

One of the most important elements of a nice smile is the proportion of tooth to gums. If you have too much gum and not enough exposed tooth, people may tell you that you have a “gummy” smile. If you have more tooth than gum, you’re probably getting a little “long in the tooth.” Neither situation is great for your appearance or your oral health!

Gum Recontouring

No matter where your gums are relative to where they should be, gum recontouring can help. If you need more gum tissue, a small section of tissue can be taken from the roof of your mouth and then grafted onto your gum line. If you have more tissue than you need, the excess is simply removed.

It’s more than a cosmetic procedure, though. Gum recession, especially, can become a serious problem that exposes your teeth to damage and infection. Early warning signs to watch for include teeth that are very sensitive to hot or cold, as well as teeth that are loose in their sockets.

Modern Dental Techniques Make It Simple!

Even the traditional gum recontouring methods at Neumann Family Dentistry have a modern twist.

We offer Pinhole(™) gum treatment for patients interested in gum recontouring. Our dentist makes a small hole in your gum, no bigger than a Pinhole(™), and repositions it using very small tools. When the gum tissue is in the right place, collagen strips are used to hold it there. The strips both secure the gums to the right spot in your mouth and encourage additional gum tissue to grow.

When you come to Neumann Family Dentistry for help with gum recontouring, we’ll go through your options to help you choose the procedure that’s right for you. It’s our goal to keep your dental procedures simple and pain-free -- and, of course, to deliver results that last and last.