Crowns, Bridges and Onlays

There are so many reasons that you might need to replace or repair a tooth, from mundane run-ins with peanut brittle to more serious situations like sports or car accidents. No matter the cause of your major tooth damage, a crown, bridge, or onlay could be the right long-term treatment.

It might seem like a missing tooth is no big deal, but over time, your missing teeth can result in major bite problems. Having a tooth or teeth replaced means that your other teeth will remain where they belong -- your mouth will thank you!


Crowns are used to rebuild severely damaged teeth with healthy roots. This is basically a cap that fits over the entire remaining tooth, designed to match the original tooth exactly. They’re a better solution than simply removing the damaged tooth, since that healthy root is helping to maintain the proper tooth spacing in your mouth.

Crowns can be made from gold, porcelain, or ceramic, depending on the location of the tooth and your personal preferences. You can expect a crown to last years with good care.


When teeth are actually missing or the root is also unhealthy and must be removed along with the broken parts of a tooth, a bridge is typically used. A bridge is an artificial tooth that’s often anchored using crowns on either side to create a really stable bite.

There are several different types of bridges, including the traditional fixed bridge, a cantilever bridge and removable bridges, each with their own advantages. We can help you decide which is best for your lifestyle.


An onlay or inlay is a treatment that’s less involved than a crown but much more than just a filling. These are used when your teeth are moderately damaged but too far gone for a filling. They’re used to prolong the life of the tooth that remains and are much less difficult to take care of than bridges.

Inlays are like fillings, but they're made from a resin composite and fit within your tooth’s biting surface. Onlays, on the other hand, are more like partial caps, covering one or more cusps of the tooth itself. Since both are hand-crafted, it can take a few visits to ensure an ideal fit.