Dental Services

General and Preventive

The Neumann Family Dentistry team offers a variety of services designed to maintain your oral health and to prevent future problems. As with your overall health, your oral health is best protected by stopping problems before they start.

Cosmetic Care

Your smile is the first thing people notice when they meet you and is an important part of who you are. The smile you’ve always wanted is within reach with cosmetic treatments from Neumann Family Dentistry. Experience the confidence that comes from a healthy, youthful smile!

Restorative Care

In the event that your smile is damaged due to injury or disease, restorative dentistry can renew your health and preserve the look of your smile. When dental problems go unaddressed, they worsen over time. Dr. Neumann and his team will create a personalized treatment plan to restore and maintain your healthy oral function so you can regain your beautiful smile.


You deserve the most advanced, comfortable care available in dentistry. That’s why Neumann Family Dentistry stays on the cutting edge, employing technology designed to provide fast, safe, natural results. You will be amazed at the tools and techniques that are available to you!


Periodontal dentistry refers to caring for the gum and bone structures that support your teeth.