Dental Services

Sedation Dentistry

People avoid going to the dentist for a lot of very valid reasons, but probably the most common is that they fear the procedures they may be asked to endure. In the past, this was absolutely a major problem, with many dentists not properly numbing or sedating patients before performing some pretty scary procedures.

General and Family Dentistry

Our patients bring their families from near and far for general and family dentistry that exceeds their wildest expectations. Maybe that’s because we put the patient first, or possibly it’s because Neumann & Bohrer Family Dentistry is so focused on maintaining the highest standards and modern techniques through continual education of both our dentists and our staff.

Preventative Care

Taking care of your mouth is important, even if you don’t have an existing problem. After all, prevention is a lot easier than having to juggle treating an issue you’ve had for a long time and is only continuing to deteriorate.
Everyone needs preventative care. That’s why we offer so many different kinds of exams and screenings, for everyone from infants to adults and even people with a history of oral cancer.


Orthodontics aren’t for everyone, but everyone who needs these treatments deserves efficient and cost-effective options. Because we also offer Invisalign(™), you don’t have to worry that you’ll be trapped in braces and retainers for years to come. There are plenty of choices for you as an orthodontics patient at Neumann & Bohrer Family Dentistry.

Cosmetic Care

The way your teeth look can make a huge difference to how the world perceives you. Whether you’re trying for a promotion at work or simply want to put your best foot forward, there are lots of dental procedures and processes that can help. Often, cosmetic care also has a practical side; it’s not always just about appearances.

Restorative Dentistry

When you’ve lost a tooth or even many teeth, restorative dentistry can piece your broken smile back together. It’s about more than cosmetic treatments, though -- missing teeth can not only make it difficult to eat but also result in more dental problems over time. Rather than having to endure treatment after treatment, let’s stop your mouth’s deterioration before it gets any worse.

You’ll find that you’ll get exactly what you need at Neumann & Bohrer Family Dentistry, no matter what your dental issues may be.